How to Sign up for the Upper Crew app and what are the types of Sign-up? Signup using Google - Signup using Email

Signing up with the Upper Inc. Teams app is as simple as it is with any other online app, like a Gmail account.

There are two ways you can signup with the app:

  1. Click "Sign Up with Google" on the Sign Up screen
  2. Select or sign-in to your preferred Google Account (Note: This account could be your personal or work email. You will not be able to change the email manually once you have signed up)
  3. Click Next
  4. Done! 
  1. Click "Sign Up with Email" on the Sign Up screen
  2. Enter your preferred email and password
  3. Click "Create Free Account"
  4. Make sure to verify the email and Done!

Once you are in, the app will take you through quick settings page where you can add details about your start and end address, add team members, and many more available settings to make your way easy through the app.

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